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Check out what people saying about Regency for Expats. Here are just some of the testimonials and comments provided by our clients. To read the original genuine reviews from corporate and individual clients, please visit the main website.

“The service I had from Recency was first class. I submitted the claim by e mail in the evening Vietnam time. I woke up to find an e mail to say it was approved & return mail confirming payment bank details. Next morning the full payment was in my account. Could not have had easier or better service than that!.”
Alan John Connon, July 2018

“Went to the doctor and filed a claim in the morning. Regency claims department replied within 30 minutes asking me to confirm if they had all the correct details. My claim was sorted out quickly and efficiently and I am pleased to keep them as my medical insurance.”
Keegan, June 2018

“Superb same day service on claims. Every claim I submit I get a response from the claims team within hours and have had my reimbursement within a couple of days. Friendly, helpful, thank you.”
Adam Kent, June 2018

“Excellent all round services. Am now in my third year and always had a great experience. Made a small (ish) claim in my first year and submitted claim to Regency and got a reply same day and a refund of my medical bills within 2 days. Last year had a bit of a bigger (ish) claim and was admitted into the bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok. One call to Regency and they liaised directly with the staff at the hospital and paid all the bills directly.”
Jesse Crowe, June 2018

“Easy to claim, Regency replied same day and paid it the next day. Astonishingly great service. Defo a reccomend.”
Sally Lewis, May 2018

“Superb service and very quick also.”
Anonymous, May 2018

“Regency have shown efficiency and a great response time when dealing with our new membership and recent claim. Living in Asia for 10years they are frill free, organised, not pushy. Provide all the information needed to process everything easily, and not need to ask questions or chase up matters. I recently submitted a claim and within an hour was emailed with confirmation and payment acknowledgement. Super reassuring when living overseas. Very satisfied.”
Jessica, May 2018

“Amazing service, been impressed with the service from start to finish. Same day response and processing time is impressive.”
Anonymous, May 2018

“After a really bad experience with my last health insurance company, I was delighted at how quickly I was reimbursed for all treatment. This was great service.”
Jean, May 2018

“Very pleasantly surprised at the ease of filing a claim, the speed of the service, and the rapid reimbursement. Thanks.”
Anonymous, May 2018

“I moved from my previous health insurance supplier to Regency in April 2017. The decision was due to continued escalating rates with my long term provider (of 8 years) in an already overpriced market. Regency’s rate was around 35% less than I had been paying, I assumed this to be an opening offer and thought year 2 would start to see increased rates…I was very pleased that the renewal offer was almost identical to year one with only a minimal change so readily renewed. I submitted my first claim, for a wellbeing health check which is covered within the policy and does not effect your no claims, I was pleasantly surprised to receive confirmation of my claim within 10 minutes of submission! I have never received such a service from an insurer and certainly have no hesitation, based on my experience, of recommending Regency for Expats.”
David, May 2018

“Great proactive customer service. Speedy resolution of any claims. Every touch point with Regency has exceeded my expectations. Friendly, courteous and focussed on the customer. Excellent”
JHD, May 2018

“Prompt acknowledgement of receipt of health claims; clear communication of what next steps are; prompt follow up and advice of the outcome of claim review and amount to be reimbursed; timely refund and follow up by email to confirm it has been received. A very pleasant experience.”
Anonymous, May 2018

“I got a reply on a claim within 3 hours of sending the email – its been approved and processed.”
Anonymous, May 2018

“First year with Regency. And as a first experience (first reimbursment for out-patient expenses: blood tests and medical visit), I am 100% satisfied: reliable, efficient, professional-“
Federico, May 2018

“From my experience and being in a foreign country they wer supportive understanding and payed my sons hospitalization 100% as they are professional so I will stick to them with my insurance and my family Insurance.”
Nadine, April 2018

“I was very impressed with the speed of processing my outpatient claim. Everything was handled very smoothly and efficiently via Email. Thank you!”
Grace Marshall, April 2018

“Regency is an easy plan to use, the customer service part of the service is great. THings happen quickly from arranging to making claims. My last claim was paid within 2 days of me sending it to them. I am very happy”
Florence Fariello, April 2018

“Always pay claims quickly and always deal with my queries in a professional reliable way.”
Samantha Evans, March 2018

“Absolutely fantastic. Regency insurance took me completely by surprise when I made a claim as they were so efficient. I submitted and got a reply from an actual person within an hour saying they had received everything. I then get a confirmation from them the next morning that the claim had been settled and the money sent.”
Danielle Holm, March 2018

“I am young adult, living in middle east. i am lazy person and work home, i was looking online insurance so i don’t have to move around. i hate insurance companies in my city so far Claims was approved ASAP and even i had problem with money transfer they used another method! Overall im satisfied and they deserve 5 star rating, if they keep this up i’d recommend my family and friends. im still the 1st test subject.”
Ayman Habli, March 2018

“I am very happy with the service provided by the Regency health insurance people. ALways on hand, always friendly and I always get my cliams processed very quickly.”
Anna Gibbs, March 2018

“I took out full health cover for my wife and I in December. In January I was diagnosed with a hernia. I was nervous as it was so soon after purchasing the policy and I honestly expected some resistance. I forwarded all my medical history and I was delighted to be informed that I would be covered. I am very happy with the service as it delivered exactly as I was told.”
Alex Collyer, March 2018

“Entering my 3rd year with Regency and have found them to be a professional company with an extremely high level of service. Very friendly people doing exceptional work”
Daniel Wincott, March 2018

“Great if you need international insurance cover. They look after me if I just stay local and even when I travel for holiday or even on business. The claiming process is really easy. I email them my claim, no need to post and I got reply same day, super quick.”
Francine Wells, March 2018

“I took out a policy last year when moving to Canada. I did not have any need to claim for my first 5-6 months and when I finally did submit a couple of claims I was not sure what to expect. I was really pleasantly surprised by the ease of making claims, the friendly responses and the speed of claim settlements. Really excellent service!”
Greg Metcalf, March 2018

“Have been using Regency as my health insurance provider for some time and tghey have always been first rate. Using their services has been easy, claims have been paid and they have a lot of knowledge of the different medical needs around the world. A definite recommend”
Sophie James, March 2018

“They helped me greatly when I had a 5 day stay in the hospital. If I hadn’t had their insurance I would have had to use all of my money to cover my stay in the hospital. 33000 baht I paid 5000. Thanks!”
Anonymous, March 2018

“Overall good”
Daniel Thompson, February 2018

“I refuse to give any insurance company or bank 5 stars!
In this instance, Regency Assurance and their Regency for Expats health plan have treated my family well and they deserve 4 out of 5. On a selfish level I expect them to pay my claims and they have done so on time without creating any difficulties. But ask yourself, what are they and all the other large financial institutions doing to make the world a better place. The amount of money these guys have is ridiculous”

Janice Ellison, February 2018

“Received good service, cover is comprehesnive
Typically reply quickly with the responses being helpful”

Sarah Goulding, February 2018

“Always having a great experience with Regency from arranging cover to making claims. Easy to do with not much paperwork and claims are paid quickly in full with no excess or agro.”
Jesse Lane, February 2018

“I was really impressed with Regency and all the people that work there. They were really supportive of me when I was going through a bad time. I have come out of it much much better and that is in large part to the assistance they gave me. The claims people were very kind and the emergency assistance team were fast to react to my situation.”
Emma Derby, February 2018

“I would like to express my thanks to Emma and her team at Regency for the excellent service, help and guidance she gave me regarding my health insurance claim i made with them. Thank you for sorting everything out so quickly and painlessly – keep up the first class work.”
Jenny Helms, February 2018

“I travel a lot so having a Regency Health plan has helped make it easier to see a doctor wherever I am, and even meant I could get access to some really great benefits while on a business trip. Would definitely recommend them.”
Ale Roberts, February 2018

“Generally good company. Reliable staff, well organized service, good comprehensive insurance benefits. Would like it to be a bit cheaper but overall am satisfied.”
Christine Stockes, February 2018

“Very good company. Having recently been involved in a car accident (not overly serious, but I did spend the night in hospital) I found Regency to be a great insurance company to have. All hospital costs were paid straight to the doctors without a load of questions/forms etc and they were very helpful”
Ada Ross, February 2018

“Generally good. Good insurance with good service.
After an initial misunderstanding the experience has been good and they have been a reliable health insurance company”

Derick Single, February 2018

“Much better than my previous health insurance plan that I got through my company. Regency insurance include a number of upgraded benefits that I didnt get before and when you talk with the people that work there they are always very nice to deal with so generally I like them”
Dawn Reed, February 2018

“Fantastic insurance benefits, professional team. I would recommend Regency insurance to anybody as their service is really good. I was a little bit apprehensive submitting my first claim but they really came through for me. Been with them now for a number of years and have always had a really good service from them.”
Douglas Wilson, February 2018

“Best Service from an Insurance Company. Have had an amazing service from Regency. Was admitted into hospital recently and on phoning the 24 hour emergency helpline, they sorted everything out and paid all the invoices directly with the medical facility. Have had a few follow ups with the doctor and prescribed medication and all these costs have been taken care of. No problems, easy, friendly”
Colin Richardson, February 2018

“Continues.. Thank you.”
Anonymous, February 2018

“Regency is a great choice for international insurance. To start with they include a lot of comprehensive benefits that are not normally covered with most insurance plans. Their service is fast, infact they pay bills directly with the hospital so their is no need to worry. Finally they have a friendly team that is a pleasure to deal with.
Very refreshing!!!”

Jonathan Leonie, January 2018

“Regency Expat insurance is very good. The claim processing time is very good.”
Alex Yann, January 2018

“Good cover and service. Regency included a few additional benefits for me that I didnt have with my previous company. Apart from the normal health insurance, they also include terrorism, mugging and hijack cover along with mental health benefits such as coaching and counselling cover.”
Damien Green, January 2018

“Outstanding service, friendly and competent team. Settle all medical bills directly with the hospital, no fuss, easy.”
Ben Thomas, January 2018

“Recommended Regency for Expats via Rosegate Insurance Brokers. Rosegate were very knowledgeable, very professional and gave me a range of options. Eventually decided on Regency as it seemed the best value.
My experience with Regency’s health insurance has been so far very good and i can not complain about anything”

Sam Carol, January 2018

“Everything is quick and easy with regency expat insurance.
The people I talk to there are always contactable and are professional and helpful. Claims are paid in full with no deductibles or excesses”

Robin Frederik, January 2018

“5 stars, very good in all aspects”
Audrey Bryce, January 2018

“3 years with Regency and they have been prompt and very customer focused with all of my needs. Applying for cover was easy, they were recommended by a few different brokers but decided to go direct and did it online. Submitting claims done by email and they have always paid them quickly. I travel quite a lot and their different offices around the world are attentive and easy to contact. Renewing is as simple as saying go ahead and the premiums havent seen any large increases you normally find with insurance companies. Total experience is good.”
Champel Quenti, January 2018

“Ten out of ten, as far as insurance companies go, in my experience these guys are among the best”
Alvin Schmitt, January 2018

“Excellent cover, superb service
Have Regency health insurance as an employee benefit arranged through my company. The plan is very good and a great incentive.
When I contact them they give me all the answers I need there and then without having to wait. When I submit a claim, I get a reimbursement paid to me extremely quickly. All my medical bills have been paid by regency and the service they provide whilst dealing with them is good.”

Gill Heng, December 2017

“My health is very personal to me, so I will remain anonymous, but I wanted to make my thoughts public to thank to the claims team who helped me through the worst situation anyone can imagine. The service and the phone calls with Mary in particular were helpful and even comforting. Thank you all, especially Mary and Louis. :)”
Anonymous, December 2017

“Set my policy up using my broker and have made a few claims. Jane from the claims team was brilliant. Hope they don’t mind me saying the even paid me for some bits that weren’t really covered (couple of hundred $ worth). Impressed.”
Kelly, December 2017

“Genuinely one of the best experiences I have ever had with an insurance company. Regency have made it so easy and no matter where I am in the world they have the ability to help me.
The 24 hour claims service is a pleasure to deal with and they arrange for all medical bills to be paid for quickly.
Great job and many thanks”

Eddy Sung, December 2017

“Highly recommend Regency Health Insurance
As a British expat that travels a lot, I have had the need to call upon them in different areas of the world and each time their offices have given me the best service I have experienced of any insurance company. Not once have they quibbled over a claim and as soon as I submit a claim for medication, a gp visit or when I went for my annual medical check… They paid the claims quickly.”

Andrew Stannard, December 2017

“Excellent company, very professional team, always respond, pay claims quickly. Am very happy with Regency.”
Alastair Wright, December 2017

“It gives me great peace of mind having Regency health insurance as they are always very accommodating of my requests and they have never argued about any claims I have submitted.
The pay all claims quickly and it is always a nice experience talking to such attentive friendly people”

Eden Rainer, November 2017

“Good company.
They have always treated me very well, the customer service team are excellent, the medical professionals that work for Regency are always on hand and they have paid all claims quickly with no sign of any hesitation”

Cheryl Porter, November 2017

“A great great experience with my health cover.
Without Regency for expats insurance supporting me whilst I was in hospital I would have been lost.
My contact at Regency was Jane and she spoke to the doctors that were treating me and was able to make everything clear for me. She was so sympathetic of my situation and helped guide me through an awful time.
She made sure all of the medical bills were taken care of, explained exactly what was going on and arranged everything including checking out the hospital and getting home.
She even followed up with me afterwards to make sure I was ok. Thank you Jane!”

Rene Weaver, November 2017

“As far as insurance companies go, they are among the best I have experienced. I contacted them about needing surgery and they said no problem, they arranged for all of the medical bills to be paid by them directly with the hospital. A really great service. All the claims I have made have been paid without any problems so they have a happy customer for life. Only thing I would say to be aware of is that they dont cover “pre-exisitng” conditions. I asked around and it seems pretty standard among all insurance companies.”
Phillip Danby, November 2017

“Am very pleased to be insured by Regency; they have not let me down.
Am grateful to the team for all the care they have provided me during a very difficult time. Paying all the hospital bills quickly was superb, but where they really get my appreciation is how they treat you like a real person and are sincerely interested in making sure you are ok.
Top marks for their customer service training.”

Christopher Bruce, November 2017

“Was recommended Regency by a friend; thus far I have only good things to say about them. Very friendly people working there, quick turn around of queries and very easy to use.”
Emma Smith, October 2017

“Professional, compassionate company who have taken good care of my family’s medical situation”
Andrea Patrick, July 2017

“I really recommend this company, right from the get go they have been on the ball. Sent out all my documents straight away, answer my questions quickly, pay all my claims with any debate”
Daniel Oliver, August 2017

“Been with Regency for a few years and have made several claims now and they answer quickly, are helpful and always pay them immediately. Am happy with the health insurance plan and am very happy with the service.
Thank you”

Thomas Gallo, August 2017

“Everything is done quickly, documents sent out immediately, claims paid within a couple of days, questions answered without delay. My experience has been very good”
Amber Spencer, August 2017

“Have had a great experience with Regency, everything is done quickly and with a smile. Very professional company”
Laurent Peterson, July 2017

“Great value for money, good service, always very attentive and settle claims efficiently. Have made a few claims and am pleased with the way they dealt with them”
Jod Frank, July 2017

“Excellent Service. Everybody I have dealt with has been superb. They reimburse me for medical treatment I receive really quickly. I am happy”
Patrick Fulvio, July 2017

“Very Good. Have used Principle for a few years for health insurance for me and family. Have made claims easily and they have paid all my claims quickly. Staff are professional and helpful.
Have recommended Principle to other expats I know and will continue to do so”

Aidan Sullivan, July 2017

“I’ve had 2 massive operations this year and used Private room every time. Never had any issue claiming. Always dealt with friendly and very helpful staff.”
John Stewart, July 2017

“Good value, good service. Cover is comprehensive in comparison to what I am used to, and they pay claims faster”
Paul Federica, July 2017

“Pay all my claims within 2 days and have firendly and helpful staff”
Vito Sandro, July 2017

“I got my refund quick… for a first timer that is very encouraging”
Victoria Adefala, July 2017

“I am extremely satisfied with the professional mannerisms displayed by the staff at Principal Assurance. I hope that I never have need to rely upon their cover but I can relax without having to stress about what may happen should something go wrong. The professionalism displayed thus far has set my mind at ease that if and when a serious matters arises I will be entirely looked after and can focus on what is important rather than how I will pay for everything.”
Scott Sinclair, 1 year ago

“Effective and efficient processing of documentation and policy booklet, good customer service, a very good product to date, thank you”
Guy Lloyd, 1 year ago

“Excellent and timely service”
Aonghus Kelly, 1 year ago

“Quick response and friendly”
Thomas Verdier, 1 year ago

“The only reason I did not select VG. is that I have not had to use the insurance. When I have the occasion, and the payment is satisfactory, I will select VG.”
Barry Willingham, 1 year ago

“Price good, and I had my certificate within about an hour. So far, looking really good.”
Kerry Williams, 1 year ago

“Pay claims quickly, no hassle, no arguments, no problems, friendly. overall happy”
Mark Ramsay, 1 year ago

“The gold standard of expat insurance”
International HR Adviser, Publication

“The vanguard of international health Insurance”
International Travel & Health Insurance Journal, Publication

“Customer-focused philosophy that has resulted in consistently high customer service satisfaction”
Home & Lifestyle Magazine, Publication

“Simple, straight-forward, very efficient”
Global Health Insider Article, Publication

“For expats… a luxury choice is now available through health plans, with… going as far as to allow you to be treated in any country in the world”
Just Landed Article, Publication

“If he hadn’t taken out insurance he wouldn’t have been able to pay for the care”
Expat Living Article, Publication

“Customer-focused approach offers policy holders peace of mind, and the confidence that comes from dealing with a company that takes its responsibilities seriously”
Euro Weekly News Article, Publication

“An established expat health provider”
Dubai Expat Article, Publication

“Leading expatriate healthcare provider… known for its no-nonsense quick claims service”
AsiaXpat Article, Publication

“Protected for all relevant eventualities”
International Adviser Magazine, Publication

“It has been a pleasure working with Regency with very good customer service and easy enrolling solutions”
AG Cambodia, Publication

“Rated highly for customer-focused approach”
ExpatGo, Publication

“Total peace of mind”
Expat Finder Guide, Publication

“With its firm commitment to service and excellence we are proud to say we work hand in hand with this reputable company”
Medilink, Publication

“Pay Claims Quickly – Excellent – Friendly – Good Customer Service”, Publication

“Preferred choice for the international community”
Health Insurance Daily, Publication

“8 Gold Stars – Regency’s solution is simple”
Protection Review, Publication